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    A result of ongoing dialogue with your peers, the summit agenda is aligned with the most relevant market developments. Key topics for last year's event included:

    Escaping the data swamp by expertly capturing relevant value-creating metrics that drive strategic decisions

    Exploring the world of robotics, AI and technology systems in business process improvement

    Overcoming the limitations of dated reporting models to enable predictive, analytical support for the business

    Creating a futuristic finance team by fostering agile and interchangeable skill sets

    Shaping the CFO’s expanding role as a key contributor to an organisation’s growth agenda

    Shedding light on the complexities of information and cyber security in an interconnected digital age

    Building resilient financial strategies based on present global and regional macroeconomic conditions


    past attendees said about our pogramme:

    "Three days to step back and get new ideas, reflect on own business, and exchange ideas with peers – an excellent format!"
    CFO, Australian Aerospace

    "A quality event from start to finish, with high calibre speakers that relate to current issues faced by CFOs."
    Head of Financial & Corporate Services,
    Transport Accident Commission Victoria

    "Excellent open forum. I met a diverse range of CFOs and like-minded people. I will take away a positive experience and share the main lessons learnt and a number of interesting opportunities."
    CFO, Oliver J Nilsen Australia

    "The presenters were very informative and relevant. I enjoyed the ability to contrast their experiences to my own. Some real life examples ensured the topic came to life."
    CFO, Toyota Finance Australia


    access the full summit agenda

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    Keynote Presentations

    Keynote presentations offer a motivational and entertaining perspective on fundamental issues challenging management. The achievements of our Keynotes and their pioneering endeavors directly influence your job today. Delivering thought provoking and frank accounts of their experiences, our Keynote presenters give you the drive to develop forward-thinking ideas and strategies for your organization.

    Panel Discussions

    In addition to the traditional session format, panel discussions have been organized to give you multiple perspectives on a topic. The panel is composed of industry practitioners ready to share their ideas and debate strategic issues. As an attendee, you are encouraged to put forward your ideas, opinions and opposing arguments, creating a truly interactive Summit.


    Think Tanks

    Join a select group of industry peers setting the tone, pace and goals of your chosen topic in a professionally facilitated environment. Participant numbers are strictly limited, ensuring all have the opportunity to share their problems and solutions to commonly shared professional challenges. Topics for discussion are selected from industry feedback received during the development of the Summit Program.


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